From nineteenth to twentieth centuries in Spanish Music

Building on the technical breakthroughs of the century clarinet, authors and publishers made a number of adjustments to the instrument, which was common practice at that time. Thus, the Sonnets of Toldrá, originally composed for violin, are an example of adaptation, in this case for clarinet, that without any trouble to show the purest essence of music The first part of the concert has a romantic air that gets absolutely truly sublime moments. Some fresh, romantic and Mediterranean, which counts among its authors with the Catalan Eduard Toldrá and Jesus Ruera, who felt a mutual admiration.

The second part of the concert is over breakaway with a more contemporary language, but easily accessible to the ear. While the work of Joan Guinjoan seen an atonal language, its expressive power is transmitted through perfect interpretation. Montsalvage Xavier made a paraphrase of himself with a fresh and very rhythmic work, an issue that used later for his symphonic composition, "Partita 1958". Monstsalvatge gives way to a student of his, Salvador Brotons, who ended the concert. Brotons The sonata is a work inspired by jazzy elements experienced by the composer's stay in the United States, a beautiful and colorful work that will delight listeners with their harmonies and rhythms.

Approximately 60 minutes duration.

La segunda parte del concierto más rupturista con lenguajes y formulas más contemporáneas pero fácilmente asequibles al oído. Si bien Joan Guinjoan aprecia un lenguaje atonal, su fuerza expresiva se transmite perfecta a través de la interpretación de la misma. Xavier Montsalvage realiza una paráfrasis de sí mismo con una obra fresca y muy rítmica, y cuyo tema principal, utilizará posteriormente para la composición de su obra sinfónica "Partita 1958" . Monstsalvatge, da paso a un alumno suyo, Salvador Brotons, con quien finaliza el concierto. La sonata de Brotons , es una obra inspirada por aires jazzisticos fortalecidos a través de la estancia del compositor en los Estados Unidos, una obra preciosa y colorista que sin duda hará que los oyentes se deleiten con sus armonías y ritmos.

Duración aproximada 60 minutos