Spiritual Music, Hebrew Music

Since the beginning of Christianity the music was used in meetings, half-secret, in remote and almost always at night, passed between readings, prayers and songs, very limited, not only because of persecution forced the discretion, but because the repertoire was very small and few interpreters. The first music was the music used Hebrew and Greco-Roman. It can be used to ensure that all the melodic chanting or recitation of the psalms, which were the ancient poems written by King David and Asaph.

Great composers of all ages have been attracted by these chants and melodies that invite reflection, contemplation and prayer. The display of life among the soft melodies and Hebraic spirit of this program, invite relaxation and meditation in every way. Spanish writers like Jesus Ruera and Eduard Toldrá, along with others such as Max Bruch, Maurice Ravel, Ernest Bloch, will accompany us in a unique concert.

Approximately 60 minutes duration.