Jazz and Latin Music in classical clarinet

Usually jazz and classical music have been viewed as polar opposites within the music, relying on parameters such as its popular origin, the improvisation and rhythmic harmonic structures. However from the early jazz has existed between this style and the composers of "serious" music exchange procedures that have enriched both languages. Authors such as Debussy, Satie, Stravinsky, Darius Milhaud, Honegger, Hindemith, Berstenin has accepted harmonies, rhythms and scales that are part of different elements including jazz.

Spanish composers has been also influenced by the charming sense that this genre of music, with composers such as Salvador Brotons, and Carles Gumí i Prat. All of them has made a "wink" direct to the inclusion of Jazz in Classical Music.

Finally we can not forget the huge influence in recent times that Latin music has had in jazz or fusion music, rhythms, harmonies and melodies of Latin popular music. Through the great masters such as Paquito D'Rivera and Astor Piazzola we have witnessed a great popularity of Latin music in the world of Jazz. This is a fresh and lively program that will delight young and old.

Approximately 60 minutes duration.