Romantic Music for a Summer Night

If there is a place and time in Europe where it became clear bright sound was certainly Germany and Romanticism. The instrumental virtuosity developed by composers of this period is extended by all the instruments: piano, violin, cello, clarinet and symphony orchestra. One of the greatest composers in the development of its kind in Western music is J. Brahms. His trio Op.114 for clarinet, cello and piano is one of his masterpieces and contains a density dramatically. Along with the Clarinet Quintet op.115, and the two sonatas for clarinet and piano op.120, represent not only a tribute to this instrument, but the culmination of his maturity as a composer, being these last works of Chamber Music that the author wrote.

The Op.83 Eight pieces are written in 1908 and may be considered as the last moments of romance. Bruch was true to his own musical language and remained until the end regardless of avant-garde influences. In his work, the melody is the foundation of a composition, and support emotional expression of music.

Much feeling and passion in every minute of this concert, which shows the intensity of chamber music.

Approximately 60 minutes duration.